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Russian Defense & Technologies Newswire

The daily feed comprises both news and analysis in English covering Russia’s latest ideas and products in arms manufacturing, exercises conducted by the Russia’s armed forces, export markets for Russian military equipment, opinions and comments from military experts and breaking military-political news.

Volume: up to 30 items a day 
Publication schedule: weekdays, online
Channels: TASS-ONLINE news terminal, FTP, E-mail

 Breakdown by theme



Defense industry

- Russia’s military budget, Russia’s place on the list of countries rated by military expenditures.

- Activities and statements by the heads of the Russia’s leading defense enterprises.

- Corporate news from defense industry enterprises.

- Russia’s research into future armaments and military technologies.

- Field tests of new types of armaments.

- Weapon supplies to the armed forces.

- Defense/security exhibitions in Russia and demonstrations featuring Russian products.

- Development and supplies of innovative military gear to the armed forces (uniform, bullet-proof vests, parachutes, food rations, medical and protection kits, gadgets, military simulators, means of transport, communication equipment and robots).


Arms export

- Russia’s weapons export and import statistics, estimates of Russia’s share in the world market of armaments (statistics from Russia’s Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation, Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, OJSC Rosoboronexport).

- Activities and statements by top officials of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and OJSC Rosoboronexport.

- Russia’s military-technical cooperation with other countries.

- Export and import of military equipment.

- Cooperation in the development and production of cutting-edge military products.

- Import of military products.

- Repairs, maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of exported armaments – ships, submarines, aircraft, etc.

- Export and introduction of intellectual comprehensive systems for maintaining the security of states, large administrative entities, cities, state borders and key facilities.


Military exercises and training

- Mobilization/ demobilization of the armed forces, training sessions.

- Russia’s military conscription statistics.

- Exercises by the Air Force, the Navy and the Army.

- Joint exercises by Russian and foreign armed forces.

- Military parades featuring troops and military equipment.

- Military exercises, maneuvers and operations by the armed forces of other countries in areas bordering on Russia.

- Emergencies and incidents at military facilities, flight incidents and crashes.


Defense politics and economics

- Coverage of the main Russian and international political and economic events, actions and decisions by Russia’s government influencing the condition of the army and the country’s defense capabilities.


Military expert’s opinion

- Opinions expressed by Russian and foreign military experts regarding weapons development prospects and Russia’s position at the world market of military hardware, the condition and equipment of Russian military units, defense research and development and Russia’s place and role in the global system of security.

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